What is Melatonin

Melatonin is a hormone (a chemical messenger) that is produced by a pea-sized gland (the pineal gland) which is hidden away in the centre of your brain. It helps to regulate your sleep patterns. Although melatonin is made in the brain, it circulates through the bloodstream to all areas of your body.

CIRCADIN is a prolonged release melatonin tablet

Not all melatonin supplements are the same. CIRCADIN is a prolonged release tablet where the melatonin is released gradually over 8 to 10 hours — this slow, specific bell-shaped release, means melatonin levels slowly build up over the course of the night, reproducing the body’s natural night-time peak.


The prolonged release profile of CIRCADIN is specifically designed to mimic the pineal gland’s natural melatonin secretion to help improve sleep quality and morning alertness.

CIRCADIN release profile
Human melatonin secretion profile
Immediate release melatonin
In clinical trials, a single dose of 2 mg prolonged release melatonin (CIRCADIN) has been shown to reproduce the normal night-time levels of melatonin. There is no evidence that taking more than the recommended dose of CIRCADIN increases its sleep-inducing effects. Taking more than one CIRCADIN tablet will not help you get to sleep any quicker or make you sleep longer.
Studies have shown that the peak levels of CIRCADIN melatonin are reached approximately 3 hours after you take the tablet and then remain high for about 3.5 hours, before gradually declining to low levels after about 10 hours.
When you take CIRCADIN you will usually feel a natural sleepiness and desire to go to bed 1 to 2 hours after taking the recommended 2 mg dose.
The melatonin is gradually released and reaches the right level for sleepiness. Melatonin levels peak and then follow a natural decline towards morning, allowing you to sleep and wake refreshed.

Why choose CIRCADIN

Not all melatonin supplements are the same: CIRCADIN has been specifically developed and studied to mimic the natural release of our body’s melatonin.
CIRCADIN is a pharmaceutical grade melatonin product and has been approved for use in Australia which means it has been carefully assessed for quality, efficacy and consistency.
Buying other melatonin products online from overseas can be tempting but it is not easy to tell which products are regulated — which means you don’t know what’s in them. The amount of melatonin can vary widely from batch to batch, or they may contain contaminants, which is important if you have allergies. This means there’s no guarantee regarding the strength or purity of the product you are buying.
CIRCADIN works differently to traditional sleeping pills

If you have taken traditional sleeping pills in the past, you may notice that CIRCADIN works a little differently — the effects are gradual. CIRCADIN works with your body to help supplement low levels of night-time melatonin. It gently lets your body know that it’s time to sleep so you can relax and fall asleep more easily.

CIRCADIN is well-tolerated

CIRCADIN is usually well-tolerated by most people. Many other types of sleeping pills can leave you with daytime sleepiness, memory loss and poor concentration. Traditional types of sleeping pills can also cause dependency and withdrawal issues, and leave you feeling ‘groggy’ or less alert after using them, increasing the likelihood of having a fall or an accident.

CIRCADIN Sleep Tracker

A free tool intended to help you understand your sleep and lifestyle habits that influence sleep quality.

This easy to use app helps track your sleep data in a private and tailored way. Get valuable insights into your sleep patterns to help improve your sleep.


How is CIRCADIN different from other Melatonin tablets?

Circadin has a specific, prolonged release formulation which means the melatonin is slowly released over the course of 8 to 10 hours and mimics the body’s natural pattern of melatonin release.1

Circadin is a pharmaceutical grade melatonin product – which means it has been carefully assessed for quality, efficacy and consistency, and has been approved for use in Australia.

How long will CIRCADIN take to work?

The sleep promoting effect of Circadin will take place from 1 to 2 hours after taking a tablet.

For the best effect, take Circadin as directed. (Circadin should be used regularly at the same time each day, after food and 1 to 2 hours before you go to bed). To approach your sleep issues holistically, we recommend you also follow good sleep hygiene practices.

Always speak to your doctor or pharmacist if you are unsure.

Can I become dependent on CIRCADIN?

The active ingredient in Circadin is melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by our bodies that regulates our sleep patterns and helps us fall asleep.

In contrast to traditional sleeping pills, melatonin has little potential for dependence. It is not associated with habituation.2

You are unlikely to become dependent on melatonin and there are no known withdrawal problems when you stop taking it.2

Will CIRCADIN make me feel groggy in the morning?

Circadin prolonged release formulation mimics the body’s natural melatonin levels, peaking at night and gradually falling towards morning, whilst respecting your natural sleep cycles throughout the night.

This allows you to wake up naturally, alert and without the hangover effect some people feel with traditional sleeping pills.

Circadin rarely causes drowsiness, nevertheless it is not recommended to drive or operate machinery for 8 hours after you take it.

Circadin does not impair morning alertness, but if you suffer from drowsiness during the day, you should consult your doctor.

Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions about melatonin and its potential side-effects.

An effective solution to primary insomnia

What is Circadin used for?

CIRCADIN has been clinically proven¥† to improve sleep quality, morning alertness and daytime functioning, and to decrease the time it takes to fall asleep.

compared to placebo in adults aged 55 and over

Sleep problems

Sleep problems

Everyone struggles with sleep occasionally, but if it keeps happening then seeking advice is the healthy thing to do.

Make more of every day.

Sleep better and live better with CIRCADIN.¥
Make more of every day Circadin
Sleep better and live better with CIRCADIN

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